Meet The Transgender Couple Who Become First In The World To Welcome Their Own Baby

by dj bobtee



A transgender man who became pregnant after conceiving with his transgender female partner has given birth in what is reportedly a world first.
Fernando Machado, who used to be a woman, and Diane Rodriguez, who used to be a man, had their first child in June after Fernando gave birth.
The pair are Eduador’s first transgender couple to have a baby after meeting on social media more than two years ago. Neither of them had undergone surgery during their gender reassignment process, so becoming pregnant was still possible.
Diane told the BBC : “We don’t have a name yet – or rather we do – we are just waiting to announce it. Being a mother was never something I thought I would do because I am a transsexual. The law before demanded that to be recognised as a woman you had to be castrated. We are the same as other families. Even though we might not have the same rights, we’re the same.”
Fernando, from Venezuela, had moved to live with Diane in Ecuador after their online encounter. Upon announcing their decision to become transgender, Fernando was supported by his loved ones after explaining that he didn’t feel comfortable being a woman.
However Diane was rejected by her family, and even had a spell being homeless.


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