Today Is Governor Rochas Okorocha’s 54th Birthday…Read His Poverty To Wealth Stor

Today Is Governor Rochas Okorocha’s 54th Birthday…Read His Poverty To Wealth Story



I can tell you for free that over 75% of the wealthy men you see around were born into poverty or by parents who were not rich. Those who are looking for young men who are “rich”, what you should be looking for is a good man who is not lazy, not a man making fast money.
Marry the right person for your destiny…not the person with the kind of cash you desperately want today, who might not respect you and could even lack money management skills. This goes for both men and women, as some guys are also in the race to marry a lady who is “rich” in their eyes.
Today is Rochas Okorocha’s 54th birthday. He is a Billionaire by all standards. But he was also born into poverty and had to work his way into a comfortable life.
His Rags to Riches story:
Born on 22 September 1962, Rochas Okorocha wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was born into a poor family. And as he puts it, “I found out that I was born into a home that is relatively poor from all the definitions of poverty. So, I understand from the onset that I have a task ahead of me and the name of the game is survival.”
He said he had to work extra hard to make both ends meet by combining education with street trading. He said he didn’t have a straight school experience while growing up. He was involved in street trading at one point in time or the other. His words, “Honestly, there has never been a dull moment in my life. In fact, I engaged in too many things just for the sole purpose to survive.”
Okorocha, who acknowledged that he broke even early in life, said “The first one was at a very tender age of my life when I was selling used clothes. I broke even because I was able to buy a bus. I was able to buy a bus in secondary school and I bought television set in primary school as small as I was from the sale of oranges, coconuts and used clothes. What I do is that if I sell, I post some of the profits and at the end of the year I buy something with it.
“So, it has been a worthwhile experience but where I would say I made the first one million dollars, was as a commission agent from the sale of used equipment in Bauchi State where Balfour Beatty was constructing the Balanga Dam. When the company was winding up I was one of the agents that sold used equipment and I made N1.1million when it was equivalent to $1 million dollars. And I put the entire money into the business of used cars then later graduated to the sale of new cars to what they called ‘Rochas Motors” but what made me really rich was real estate business.
“At the age of nine I bought a television set, at 14 I bought a bus, at the age of 19/20 I became head of a commercial school, at the 22/23 years I became a proprietor of a school and I went into cement business (BBC) in Gboko, Benue State. And at the age of 24 plus I got married, at the age of 29 I became a member of National Constitutional Conference, I became a member of Federal Character Commission thereafter then I went to contest for governor and failed and shortly after that I ran for presidency and later became a presidential adviser. I ran for presidency again.
“You see, I moved on and on in life with hard work and challenges.”
Those chasing shadows really have a lot to learn.