Awesome!! 5 Easy Ways To Make N5,000 Daily In Nigeria Without A Certificate (Girls Will Rush No. 4 And Guys No. 2)

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How much do you make daily? Like if you calculate the amount you earn monthly or weekly and divide by number of days , how much do you earn daily?
It is surprising to note that many still believe that they can only make money if they are graduates or have a certificate of some sort or the other.
Given the current prices of foodstuff, fuel, data and other daily necessities, it is important to note that many who do not have a certificate still earn a reasonable amount. How can you join the ranks of those who earn a reasonable amount of money daily without a certificate?
1. Freelance writing
This is easy, but not as easy as it sounds. The first step is you must determine if you have the skill of writing. Can you write very well? Are you creative? Then you can start earning money by writing freelance.
In Nigeria, newspapers and online news media always want articles and stories. You can key in to this by first choosing a beat, what can you write best on? Health, politics, crime, fashion, entertainment? Choose a beat, focus on it and start writing about it.
It doesn’t always have to be news, it can also be opinions and personal stories. Write the articles and then send to the newspapers and online news media platforms. You will be earning in little or no time.
2. Sales
The fear of failing in business has made many scared to go into the business world. However, sales will always be a very good way to earn a reasonable amount of money daily.
Online marketing is one way to boost your sales, and it has reduced the risks to a certain extent. Creating social media pages and advertising your wares on them will make your business more visible to likely customers. Also, you can easily outsource the delivery to other start-ups and limit your functions to advertising and sales.
3. Taxi
If you have a private car, you could link up with the various taxi companies around and while going about your daily commuting you can pick up and drop passengers earning as you go.
There are several companies which you can register with that will connect you to large base of customers which will enable you to earn money while going about your daily commuting apart from some little detours.
If you do not have a private car, some taxi companies regularly hire drivers with some amount of experience, so you could try to apply to them. Taxi drivers earn reasonably daily both from rides and tips.
4. Body care
The market for services increases daily in Nigeria. So from, barbing and hairdressing to fashion, many Nigerians are keying into the services industry and making money reasonably off it.
The learning process for many aspects of the services industry is relatively short and inexpensive. So learn one of those skills, from barbing, nail fixing, hair dressing, make up and so on.
While it might be difficult for you to set up your own business, you could start with many of the established ones and lend your services for pay, until you get a good base of customers.
5. Car Wash
if you are told the amount of money some people make from washing cars daily, you would most likely quit whatever job you are doing right now.
A car wash requires water and a good location and you are good to go. If you can find these things you can easily rake in more than N5,000 daily.
This list is by no means exhaustive, so if there are other avenues you are aware of, you can share with us in the comment box below.

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