Must Read Story: NYSC Tale: A Clarion Call To Confusion (18+)… - Part 70 - 80

Must Read Story: NYSC Tale: A Clarion Call To Confusion (18+)… - Part 70 - 80

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Must Read: NYSC Tale: A Clarion Call To Confusion (18+)…  - Season 1 - Episode 70 

We took time just kissing before she broke it off to ask if I had anything edible in the house.

“There are fruits but nothing cooked,” I replied her.

“Ok I think fruits will do for now because I need all the strength I can for the next show down,” she said walking into the kitchen with a naughty smile.

I gave no reply to that as my mind was occupied with what was happening behind my back as regards to the whole phone call thingy.

She came out with two apples, took a big bite on one and threw it to me. With that I knew she was spoiling for a fight as she knew that I won’t accept it until I took a bite back from hers. You can take my money or food away but don’t take a bite from my apple; it always seems to me like a part of my destiny has been taken away when someone bites from my apple.

I caught the apple mid air and took quick strides towards her but I was late as she has already bitten twice into hers laughing.

I struggled to snatch hers and take a bite but instead she got mine and munched another mouthful from it.

That was the height of it as tears stuck to my eyes and a playful fight ensured between us.

It wasn’t really playful to me because I so wanted to bite back. She ended up eating the two apples as she used every opportunity she got to take a bite from mine while I couldn’t get hers because I didn’t want to hurt her by being forceful.

I gave up when I saw that the thirst for revenge has got me defeated and went back to the bed breathing like someone that just finished a marathon, with anger and tears stuck in my eyes. She couldn’t stop laughing from the whole show down and to make matters worse, she came back and dived on me still laughing.  drop comment