The bedroom secret that completely changed my sex life

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Majority of us living are carriers of various diseases; infections and worst of all burdens. We fail to share our problems with people around us because of the general ego we (humans) exhibit. Sometimes, it might not be the ego but the fear of been stigmatized. One thing I have come to realize is that humans irrespective of our race or sex have one problem or the other but never get solution because we conceal these pains to ourselves alone.

 I have suffered a lot in the past because of my ignorance and shy personality but I have taken this bold step to share my experience with you all readers so as to save some millions of souls out there who is suffering from this condition I was battled with even though I was presented with a saving grace ( but I was by then still blind to the truth

I am 36 years old married with a year old daughter. I know many would say not bad now nor too old an age for an African man, but truth be told it was an underachievement in terms of child rising for me considering the standard I had set for myself initially. I came from a well to do home and was very lucky to gain admission into university at the age of seventeen were I studied history and international studies. While I was in 200 level, few months to my 19th birthday I was still a virgin but felt ashamed of my status because of what older boys would say about having fun with their lovers on campus. Since I had no girl friend of my own I picked up some shameful practice which was masturbation. I soon got addicted and never felt the urge for having a girl-friend anymore, hence I was a very shy person who cannot confidently walk up to a lady and ask her out.

As an addict, I would seek for any opportunity to induce ejaculation which would mean making use of any available opportunity either in the room alone, toilet, bathrooms, and sometimes in the sitting room while watching adult movies. The exercise was never a total success in many occasions as I soon got nervous whenever I hear voices or footsteps approaching I tend to hasting up the ejaculation so I can gain the needed pleasure before the intrusion of the third party. Often times the duration of these practice is 2 minutes and few seconds at max

Gradually, it became a habit an even without any interference I could no longer hold up for more than two minutes before ejaculating. It got me so worried because I could have my peers bragging of lasting for more than 20 – 30 minutes during sexual intercourse I knew quite well that some might be exaggerating but not withstanding I could not help that feeling of been weak or inferior among them so I never told anyone about my condition.

I had my very first girl friend at the dinner party organized for us the final year students. I was 20 years plus then while she was 22. My mature look and lanky stature helped me overcome the age gap between us. She told me that she was a virgin, so, we never needed to have sex which was very ok by me. We had our marriage immediately after our service year since my parents agreed to sponsor it.

 The marriage exposed my deficiency I did not have an enjoyable honeymoon. I tried hard but could never get my spouse to orgasm. She agreed to endure with me and we began to seek for solution. I tried so many local herbs but it never worked all I achieved was quick erection but not lasting sex life. I was shy to open up to my family doctors.  I stayed long on the internet but never came across this life changer (

So I began to try other means I could remember then how some would say they use drugs to enhance this so I self medicated on clomipramine, dapoxetine and sildenafil. These drugs were not so easy to get without doctor’s prescription so I would buy a handful doze of ‘’TM’’. I soon abused these “SSRIs”. I must be honest this almost ruined my life completely as it made me hyper active. On most occasions my wife got tired of my condition and deserted me. I eventually had a diminished libido as an effect of over reliant on the drugs.

I had no choice now but to open up since my condition has worsen, I did not tell our family doctor since I don’t want my parent to know but it wasn’t easy at the same time. The doctor warned me to stop completely the intake of cigarette or alcohol and began a therapy with me.  I could feel a change in my system but it was rather too slow and most times I feel I still suffer from low sex drive despite my replacement therapy with various testosterous. I lost my confidence as a man I decide not to re marry.

    On 21st of October 2015 I was home in my parent house to mark my 35th birthday with them all when I overheard my younger brother friend telling him how is elder brother got saved from similar issue of quick ejaculation and that I have suffered from for many years at this point I was no longer shy I quickly cut in and met with my brother in person. He gave me this website and guaranteed me full recovery which I never believed was possible. I eventually visited the link, I visited the site and was well accepted. I opened up completely and was placed on some supplements which did not take me more than three (3) weeks to gain my natural but boosted active self. Today I am happily married with a beautiful daughter. I feel so indebted to Sanmi my brother’s friend for showing me the way out. 
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