Winner Of Project Fame Season 9, Okiemute Ighorodje Said She Won’t Be Restricted Only To Music Even After Winning

Winner Of Project Fame Season 9, Okiemute Ighorodje Said She Won’t Be Restricted Only To Music Even After Winning.
The leggy singer made this known in a recent chat with Pulse in Lekki, Lagos.
With a clear understanding of possible challenges, distractions and rough road to maintain stardom while etching her name on the Nigeria entertainment industry, Okiemute revealed that she knows there are expectations to be met and with God by her side, she will rank amongst some of the best Project Fame ever produced.
Enjoy her interview here
How do you feel winning Project Fame
I’ve been overwhelmed, we have been out there for a while but coming out tops and seeing the responses and comments of people has left me overwhelmed. I’m grateful to God and I’m happy.
Why did you request for your mum’s blessings at the end of the show?
My mother’s prayer is very important because everything I do, I get her blessings and this is not only limited to the fact that I was in project Fame academy because even before now, she has always been there and I don’t miss her prayers and blessings whenever I want to go for something big.
Did you know she was going to show up at the finale?
Well, we weren’t given exclusive details if she was going to come or not but I was happy seeing her.
What has changed about Okiemute
I will say Okiemute is still me but this is the birth of my career and it’s definitely more work and this will see me working more than usual.
Were you musically inclined before contesting for Project Fame
Before now, I have been in a band in Port Harcourt called the Blue Boys band. We play at hotels and gigs and that was what I was doing before I decided to try out Project Fame.
So, what has happened to the band?
The band is still in existence and I’m sure they will be happy for me.
Will you be going solo?
For now, I can’t really say because everything one does, we have to think about the nearest future, so I can’t be specific on what will be happening between myself and the band.
But you know you have to drop an album and make a career out of this platform?
While in the band, we chip in our own music aside singing other people’s songs. So, I have always had it in mind that I was going to do something big and carve a career for myself. I have always known I was going to make an album and make a career out of this but with this, I have to work harder because it’s no longer just my album, it’s a dream with lots of expectations, so I have to get it right.
You were one of the few that never went on probation and you came out tops, what was the game plan?
Sincerely, I have to tell you I don’t have a game plan. It will sound like a cliché but that is the truth. I came into this academy to do what I know how to do haven watched past seasons but getting into here, it was an opportunity to learn more and put in my best and I guess my best spoke for myself.
You performed Phyno’s hit song, Fada Fada twice, how did you pull through to get such acceptance from the audience and viewers?
As a female, performing Fada Fada twice after a popular demand, it was as easy as hard. For the first time, I told my choreographer that I was given a male song and she just urged me to make the song my own and get into the character and imagine myself as Phyno. So, that was the magic and when it was the second time, I simply mastered the act and improved on the last performance.
Project Fame has produced eight winners before you, how do you intend to rank better than them or among the best?
The phrases better than them or ranking among the best looks like a rope hanging over my head but I will say I intend to carve a niche for myself in the industry. Like our academy tutors will tell us, there are so many stars in the big sky and as far as the sky is smooth and wide enough, I will find carve my niche and be my own person.
How do you intend to stay focus knowing fully well that after a reality show, winners sometimes get distracted and get lost in the wind?
This platform has taught me that we aren’t here for music only but entertainment as a whole. It is not only a platform for you as a singer but a platform that teaches you how to nurture something to fall back on if others ain’t working. I’m into entertainment as whole even though music seem to be the one taking the front stage now. For Okiemute, I won’t be strictly tied solely to music. Before now, I used to be a model, I also studied Linguistic and Communication studies. So, I have a lot to put up but I haven’t put one particularly as the only one but with God I will sail through.
From the N5m you have won, what is that big thing you have always wanted to get and which you will get?
I’m not a materialistic person, I feel when anything comes to me, it’s the right time. I don’t have anything that big that I had always nurtured to get for myself.

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