Ycee To Drop 8-Track Ep, “The First Wave

Ycee To Drop 8-Track Ep, “The First Wave
Tinny Entertainment star talks to Goldmyne TV on dropping his EP titled “The First Wave”, comprising eight banging songs as he puts it.
On the delayed release of his first body of work, the rapper explains:
We just don’t want to put out a project that’s just gonna come and go, you don’t wanna put out a project that once it drops, it just gets on blogs and bloggers just kill the vibe off the whole thing”.
The rapper explains further that he wants to get the right paperwork and deals and everything else in place to protect his work.
“The EP has been ready, it’s not like I’m recording or anything, all the songs are ready, we just need to get things in place”, he adds.
On how excited he is about the end of the year and its prospects for artistes, Ycee says he is hopeful Santa will have him and his colleagues smiling to the bank regardless of the recession

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