Jos residents panic over fake rice news

by dj bobtee


However, it has led to fear and panic especially in Jos, the capital of Plateau state. According to Daily Trust many consumers began to ask dealers for proof that they were selling genuine rice.
According to dealers, the panic led to low sales of rice. One customer at a store located at Bukuru, a major commercial location of Jos, said: “We just want to be sure we are not paying to carry plastic home to our families, we have read reports warning about this plastic rice in the market. One has to be careful.”
The customer who preferred to remain anonymous said she learnt of the alert from many neighbours and relatives, who informed her they had to carry out the tests to confirm the commodity before they bought.
She said she had to search for the report herself, and to proceed to share same to alert unsuspecting consumers who may be risking to buy plastic for meal.
And she too has spread the news: “I had to share the news too, to help others, i never read anything about the source of this information from all the reports I saw,” she said.
A major dealer of rice in Jos also said that he spent the last five days persuading consumers to patronize him, however he still made low sales.
Balarabe Adam said: “I have old stock. I don’t know for sure if there is anything like plastic rice in circulation. I don’t have such in my store.
“Customers are not taking this news lightly. They are insisting on tests to ascertain the genuiness of the commodity before they will buy. We are allowing for that because we want to sell.”
Meanwhile, there is some good news for consumers as confirmed reports state that the price of local rice in the country has crashed in some states across the federation.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) quotes the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) as saying the agricultural initiative ‘Anchor Borrowers Programme’ which the federal government launched recently, is responsible for the drastic change in prices.
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