Make 100% In 30 Days As A Member!

by dj bobtee


GET BTC HELP is an International Peer to Peer Donation and Crowd Funding Community where members GET HELP OF 100% in 30 days by Providing Help to other members. 10% Referral Bonus and 5% Manager Bonus till 3rd generation.
This Platform has been designed to last forever, to ensure that Participants remain active. All Members Must Recommit before getting Help which means everyone keep participating no hit and run members. This is why most genuine communities have failed and we have built a system that will last forever with this amazing feature!

How Does This Work?

To Register As A New Member, Go to ➦
Sponsor Name: funkycash
After Registration, click on PROVIDE HELP on the dashboard to provide help on the platform.
Select the Plan “100% in 30 Days” and enter the amount you want to provide help with (Minimum is $10 and maximum is $4000).
Once you provide the help, you will be match with another GBH member within 1 to 2 days. Once you are matched, you have to pay your pledge to the member you are paired with. After the 30th day you can click on GET HELP and you will be match with other members that will pay you 100% of the help you provided.
For example: If you provide help of $500 After 30 days you get $1000.
Register Right Away:
Sponsor Name: funkycash


This question will be answered clearly with features that will blow your mind. YES, GET BTC HELP WILL LAST FOREVER, GET BTC HELP is a Mutual Aid / Crowd Funding Community is a Community that depends on its Participants to last forever. To last forever, all participants have to be active knowing fully well that they will make 100% every 30days.
Most Mutual Aid Platforms fail after few years because there were no Rules to guide people in the Platform. All members must recommit before they can Get Help and this makes the system strong and last forever.

Why Should I Join

  1. Make 100% in 30 Days
  2. 10% Referral Bonus
  3. Recommitment Feature to make the system last forever
  4. Secured Website SSL Protected and Hacker Proof.
  5. No Central Account
How To Register With GETBTCHELP.COM
Go to :
Sponsor Name: funkycash
Provide Help and Get Help, Don’t Forget to also Invite people with your username and get 10% Referral Bonus!