Solution to your errands: Delivery and logistics challenges

by dj bobtee

1 - Ever in need of a dispatch rider to do a quick pick up or delivery for you?
2 - Is your ecommerce business in need of a reliable dispatch company with diverse state of the art facilities to partner with ?
3 - Is your  manufacturing company in need of supply chain experts and distributors ?
4 - Are you  overseas and in need of a representive, suply chain experts, distributors or partners in Nigeria ?
5 - Are you a busy proffessional? Do you find yourself overwhelmed trying to maintain a work/life balance? and you need someone to run your personal/official errands or genenal conceige ?? 

No Worries

Zoom Logistics is a Lagos based leading ERRAND, DELIVERY and GENERAL LOGISTICS service company which offers integrated personal and business logistics support services.

Sit back and relax in the comfort of your home, shop or office and contact us to schedule an errand, a pick up or delivery and for all your logistics needs such as relocation support, address/identity/certificate verifications.

Instagram - zoomlogisticsng
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