Kendrick Lamar – The Heart Part 4

by dj bobtee

Kendrick Lamar drops a brand new record titled “The Heart Part 4.”“My fans can’t wait for me to son yo punk ass & crush ya whole lil s**t/ I’ll Big Pun ya punk ass, You a scared lil b**ch!,” raps the TDE MC on the vicious track. He later continues his lyrical assault, “Tiptoeing around my name ni**a you lame and when I get at you homie don’t you tell me you was just playing.”
Kendrick Lamar on the socially-conscious track “Heaven Help Dem.” However, TDE blocked the song when Emile shared it in online. Though Emile won the court case against the label, he said Top Dawg is still trying to “silence” “Heaven Help Dem.“So Emile reached out to and published an open letter to the “King Kunte” emcee. The Montreal-based artist hopes to come to a resolution that will benefit all parties. Here is an excerpt
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