Tyga Ft Lil Wayne – Act Ghetto

by dj bobtee

Tyga Drop New song Called “Act Ghetto” Featuring Lil Wayne over some child support issues, calling him a bitch in the process, but it appears T-Raww ain’t sweating it.On Wednesday afternoon, TMZ caught up with Tyga leaving Barney’s NY in Los Angeles and asked him his thoughts on Chyna’s rant
but unfortunately they didn’t get much out of him. Ignoring the paparazzi, Tyga got into his yellow convertible Ferrari, and sped off with his buddy sitting shotgun with nothing to say, other than a little smile.One thing’s for sure though, the footage that TMZ captured is filled with irony since he’s being accused of not paying for child support, but yet is driving a convertible Ferrari.
Take A Listen Below